Graphic summary of Eugenia Cheng’s radio interview

Last January,  mathematician Eugenia Cheng was interviewed in the BBC Radio 4 show “The Life Scientific”, where she talked about her career and her choices as a prolific mathematician-musician-science communicator. I saw her giving a talk at the Imaginary Conference 2016 in Berlin, and it was inspiring to see her on stage doing maths, music and science communication. During that conference I exhibited my illustrations under a pseudonym, back then I hadn’t admitted to myself that one could do maths and arts, so what I most admired of Eugenia was the way she owned all her choices, she was a mathematician AND a musician AND a science communicator. So when I heard that she was being interviewed in The Life Scientific, I ran to listen to the half-hour programme, and I wasn’t dissapointed. Eugenia shared with the listeners with such honesty and passion that I was deeply moved, especially because I was about to start a new faculty job and I needed to hear this. Of course, in order to remember, I had to draw it! Here is what I recorded of her interview, and while you read this graphic summary, play the radio interview!

(For an enlarged version, jump to this page).




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